Simple Classroom Yoga

Many of you love the idea of incorporating the mindfulness of yoga into your daily curriculum with kids, but have found it hard to get started or keep it going. I know how that goes -- so often, the only time some schools talk about yoga is the day of a big test…

Mindful Students or Mindful Schools?

… it should be clear that we do not all mean the same thing or picture the same thing or want the same thing when we talk about mindfulness in schools.  But if you look back at those examples, they all have to do with the mindfulness of students. And we are going to start by talking about the mindfulness of an organization.

Walking Wounded in SEL

I am going to move the burden off the kids and onto us adults, where it belongs. This is a heavy and complicated issue because so many of us are walking-wounded when it comes to our own social-emotional health.