Mindfulness for Families and Schools

Working Together to raise Calm kind kids in a chaotic world

I help parents, teachers, and kids build secure relationships by using the power of language, imagery, and mindful movement to change perceptions, expectations, and actions in order to live calm, kind, and happy lives.

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Peaceful Perceptions Consulting believes that students thrive, both emotionally and academically, when their teachers and caretakers know how to create compassionate relationships based on attachment theory, mindfulness, and neuroscience.

Peaceful Perceptions Consulting provides the training, professional development, and support needed for schools and families to understand and apply essential skills and practices for a child’s social-emotional health and development.  



Our Services

We design practical, research-based Social-Emotional Learning programs for schools, teachers and families.

Students learn best when they have secure attachments at home and school.  We provide teachers with the research and strategies they need in order to build those relationships. We address childhood trauma, attachment theory, and the developing brain. We teach the impact of mindfulness on the Autonomic Nervous System and why this is critical training for all of us who work with children. 

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to regain awareness of one's physical, emotional, and mental state amidst chaos.

Mindfulness is a practice that is teachable and nonintrusive. Mindfulness is transformative  to the nervous system, to cognitive development, and to building empathetic relationships. 

We use Mindfulness as a tool to learning and applying SEL standards and objectives, and to improving Classroom Management.

How We Can Help

We bring together the research on social-emotional learning, classroom strategies, tips for building relationships, and "off the mat yoga" mindfulness to give teachers and families ideas to try today.

Our monthly blog encourages you to take time to mindfully explore one or more suggestions.  Notice the impact these small but consistent strategies can have on your own reactions and feelings, as well as the children you work with. 

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Our Practice

We strive to change relationships, not curriculum. We are dedicated to organizational development through authentic reflection.

Our training serves to transform, not add to, a teacher's role in the lives of her students. We bring ease to the overwhelming responsibilities of teaching.

We support families by teaching mindful parenting strategies, including working with challenging relationships associated with the pre-teen and teen years.


“When parents carry too much stress, they need compassion and support, not judgement and shame.”  

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A Top 10 Service

Peaceful students are a product of secure attachments to caring adults. When students feel safe and understood, they are able to learn and thrive to their highest ability.